1.Mary Mallon


Irish woman Mary Mallon immigrated to the US in 19th century.

Mary Mallon was an excellent cook, pride of and satisfied with her life.

Mary Mallon was a typhoid carrier.

The bacteria can be transmitted through food and water.

22 people were infected by her and one of them died.

Before Mary passed away, she always denied that she was sick.



Mary Mallon born in 1869 and migrate to America from Ireland. She was an excellent cook. She got along well with her colleagues and friends though sometimes she felt bored with her boss. She was pride and satisfied with her life. But she was transmitted with typhoid, a disease that transmitted by food and water. Though she always denied she was sick.,22 people infected by her and one of them died.







Biology is a subject that studies animals, human and environment around them. Although animals are looked differently, they are closely related to each other. They all rely on DNA and RNA to store and pass genetic information.

They all based on the cells, which is the fundamental structure of lives. The inner chemicals are still the same and they react alike use and covert energy.

Profound concept of biology

4 panels, bacteria

All creatures are related to each other

DNA / RNA is to record and transmit genetic information 23% from each parent Same chemical



The biology lecture is about DNA and RNA.  In the PPT, from the left to right are butterfly, flower and dolphin and other animals. They look different but actually they are interconnected.

All creatures are based on genetic and inherited information. Cells are foundation of building organs, within which the same chemicals are contained.

All cells have DNA and RNA, which are used for storing and transmitting genetic and inherited material.

All organs have metabolism system, which convert energy from one form to another by chemical reaction


3.International environmental law


大致说的是环境法在英国不是一个新法律,因为在查理二世时候为了克制烟尘污染类似发来已经颁布了,但是那时立法不够严谨所以没什么效果;工业革命时候,政府加大立法制度,原因是克制那些用Adam Smith理论提高利益迫害工人和污染环境的奸商。


4.Talent war





因为现在short of talent,各个公司和国家都在争抢talent people。有一些young immigrants 上 university 去读书,然后就移民了。毕业后,他们就和 local 学生争 抢进一些公司(给了数据),但是其实国家也是通过这样的方式来吸引人才;同时 国家和其他 organization 应该把 talent 放在 primary 的位置上。

原因一change of the nature of economy lead to increasing in talent demand

原因二decreased population causes less skilled workers supply




Evidence shows that deficiency of talents in exacerbates. The demand talents bloomed tripled in contemporary companies, global demography contributed to labor lacking

the aging of baby-boomer generation also distract numerous experienced employees from working as well.

The collapse of loyalty and mismatching between school-taught knowledge and employers’requirements are major causations.

Developing countries undergo similar situation while dealing with culture legacy that impedes development.



5.Educational Management



Stanford management: purpose, not only delivering services and make sure good quality. They should realize their responsibility through accomplishing assignment by themselves instead of depending on others. A conference about Education leadership. A conference about Stanford university business school Education leadership, business school, education school Education service, responsibility management Purpose – not only delivering service and make sure good quality, they should realize their responsibility through accomplishment assignment by themselves instead depending on others. Education communication, management institution


In this lecture the speaker talk about a student study educational management at Stanford University business school. The speaker then talked about the relationship between business school and education school. The educational purpose for business school is learning management. You need to be responsible for the performance and identify how it happens. And responsibility means that the accomplishments achieved by others don’t indicate what you are capable of.


Bob Josh from Stanford University Business School talks about the importance of education leadership. He said that the purpose of both profit and non-profit institutions like Stanford University provide learning, and Business School provides learning management. Sometimes, works are done because not only the management but also the people who feel responsible for it


6.The structure of tasks


女生说的。取款的时候,很多人都会忘了取卡,主要是因为他们focus on money。Card was sensitive for the bank account. Some people forget to take their money, but this phenomenon is less common.


In the past, people made error by forgetting to get their card after they got their money. UK has restructured the new atm. You have to get ur card before you get your cash. Although you would forget to get ur money, it is more catastrophic to lose your card because it can access to ur bank account


  1. Ear receptors




Sound receptors are little spiky things that we have in our ear that can translate the vibrational energy of the sound in our eardrum for the physical motion,

and after that it is converted to an electrical signal.

At the end, instead of talking about details of it, he invited MIT students to have a closer view of receptors, and they will find it very remarkable


8.Social contract


说它是一个concept源自17-18世纪,最开始是描述人们come our of nature, acting like animals, which are either peaceful or fierce?, depending on personal beliefs. 现在它是在用来说people join together to work on a project, agree not to fight, and trust each other to resolve their disputes.


9.Language and Convention


大意是the rules of language are reflected by convention 因为每个人表达的方式是受传统影响的 还有language is not translatable because the meaning in different language is not exactly the same . 要document不同的language due to human heritage


  1. Cocoa


1.5 千年以前就已经被人使用,现在人们用来做饮料。但他的生产需要一定条件,有个地方的人很喜欢,但没有条件生产,只能通过贸易获取,甚至用牛还是什么东西作为 money 来交换。


It is a brief description about the importance of cocoa of Maya people during Aztecs era.

The beans were used to make chocolate drinks.

The cocoa has an important role in people life because they used it as a currency and to protect their skins against the sun.

Furthermore, it had a religious significance for them, because they believed that drinking chocolate gave divine wisdom.


  1. Vitamin D


The lecture talks about Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not dietary if without sunshine.

Vitamin D is not a real vitamin it’s a hormone. Very few foods contain vitamin D.

Synthesis of vitamin D in the skin is the major natural source of the vitamin and need sunlight to absorb.

Some regions people less expose in sunlight do not have enough vitamin D

The production of vitamin D will reduced when people migrate away from the equator or wear more clothes in winter.

More food that contains vitamin D is needed for people to keep healthy.


  1. 三原色


一个是讲三原色 three primary colors 的sources

This lecture mainly talks about magic natural colour. In order to answer where natural colours come from, the speaker talked about the three primary colours. Firstly, the yellow comes from many plants. Secondly, reds come from ground, and some insects can provide reds. Finally, the only natural source of blue is indigo.



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