Strength Is Ignorance; Slavery Is Freedom: Managing Culture in Modern Organizations (1993)


1.The article subjects the assumptions and prescriptions of the ‘Corporate Culture ‘ literature to critical scrutiny. The body of the article is devoted to teasing out the distinctive basis of its appeal compared with earlier management theory. It is seen to build upon earlier efforts (e.g. ‘theory Y’) to constitute a self-disciplining form of employee subjectivity by asserting that ‘practical autonomy ‘ is conditional upon the development of a strong corporate culture. The paper illuminates the dark side of this project by drawing attention to the subjugating and totalitarian implications of its excellence/ quality prescriptions. To this end, parallels are drawn with the philosophy ofcontrol favoured by the Party in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Specifically, the paper critiques the ‘doublethink ‘ contention that autonomy can be realized in monocultural conditions that systematically constrain opportunities to wrestle with competing values standpoints and their associated life projects.


2.First impression 很重要,cover letter 是動機的縮影,CV是過去經歷的簡介,怎麼穿衣服set a tone to your interview



说的是动物自身会产生一些化学反应还是化学什么的用来保护自己 第一个空是说自身会产生  an ______ smell and foul taste来抵御天敌 备选答案有ordinary appealling enchanting还有个什么忘了  第二个空貌似是in the _______ for survival (struggle, game, match, champion)第三个空是feature 说的是动物自身的颜色味道等这些特性, 第四个应该是dangerous, 最后一个是______ and error 选trial 备选有doing testing。说的是有的动物本来自身带有的防御系统 无需反复实验?




5.一个学生发明了一个烘干hay的设备,选项有sccop,metal,device,ensuring that,


6.全文是说天才的特质和年龄有关。through at one’s late twenty(选项还有on,at,as), importance(其他三个不认识),talent






第二段、说之后的改进 ,把两个部分分开了,这样能让针什么的更容易的插进去,我选的是easily




9.人们通常只读书里面的内容和看插画,但是那个东西怎样了,出版商和作家print the menu


10.一个作家对British Literature 有影响 他的理论还形成了学科 选的词有 narratives,discipline,knowledge






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